Deau Cognac Box "Collection" (6x20cl)

- Deau "Louis Memory"

- Deau Black

- Deau XO

- Deau Cognac Napoléon

- Deau Cognac VSOP

- Deau VS


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Deau "Louis Memory": We find in the bouquet the magnificent aromatic richness of Grande Champagne Cognacs aged for a long time. Citrus, clove and also quince jelly are tasted.

This Cognac Louis Memory attacks in a very silky way. Then more lively and musky aromas take over, aromas such as cinnamon and almond, followed by a hint of vanilla.

We are witnessing a magnificent finish on the palate, with gourmet notes of cedar and tobacco, of a beautiful intensity. This final, long and intense, justifies the importance of the moments that you will share around this Cognac.

Deau Black:

We are dealing here with a modern Cognac, which will delight beginners and will pleasantly surprise fans.

The nose has an airy and floral profile. Notes of iris, lilac and orange blossom mainly.

The sensations on the palate are delicious: this Black Cognac is both unctuous, rich and powerful. There are notes of dried apricots, spices, but also more surprising touches such as ginger, or tropical fruits.

On the palate, the texture is unctuous, rich and powerful at the same time. Herbal notes, dried apricots with a touch of Ginger and a subtly woody finish. Indeed, the strong heating barrels of the Limousin brings him this last supplement of character.

Deau XO:

The tasting opens with an amber, almost mahogany, reminding both the red cask in which this XO has aged, but also the roof of the workshop built by Roland Bru.

The nose reveals a beautiful aromatic richness, with its floral and fruity universe, with notes of violet, jasmine, lychee and plums.

 On the palate, the balance and the power of this Cognac are perfectly mastered. At first appear notes of nuts, cocoa beans and coffee. Then, in a second time, come more masculine and musky notes, including leather and cigar box.

This magnificent Deau XO is one of the highlights of the Moisans Distillery.

Napoleon's water:

Vanilla, coffee and candied fruits are the aromatic sensations that make us feel this cognac. Raised in oak barrels in the shadows of the Distillerie des Moisans cellars, it has reached a remarkable balance today.

Deau VSOP:

The Moisans Distillery shows a great dexterity in the development of its young Cognacs. This VSOP is the result of a meticulous blend of eaux-de-vie, aged for more than four years in new barrels.

The care given to this Cognac Deau VSOP gives it its rich notes, both spicy and full of dried fruits.

Deau VS:

Here is the first born of the Deau family. This Cognac VS from the Moisans Distillery comes from the skilful elaboration of eaux-de-vie distilled according to the traditional method of the Charentais still.

Aged for at least 2 years in new oak, this VS offers beautiful notes of flowers and orange.

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