Cognac Deau "Louis Memory" Hors d'Age

This high-end Cognac is a jewel. It was developed in tribute to the man who founded the Moisans Estate in 1685 : Louis Deau.

This Cognac Louis Memory Hors-d'âge is made from old and rare eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne, the most prestigious terroir of Cognac.

Cognac Deau Louis Memory Hors d'Age
  • Cognac Deau Louis Memory Hors d'Age

A treasure kept by time :

The youngest eau-de-vie in this spirit dates from 1979, while the oldest dates from 1916. The combination of these two treasures of Grande Champagne leads us to the prestigious Cognac of Louis Memory.

"Like the age of a beautiful woman or the hiding place of a gem, we will keep the secret ... This cognac sleeps for very long years in an atmosphere with a perfect hygrometry. He is slowly evolving and gaining wisdom between our walls. "


In tasting :


We find in the bouquet the magnificent aromatic richness of Grande Champagne Cognacs aged for a long time. You can taste notes of citrus, clove and quince jelly.

This Cognac Louis Memory attack in a very silky way. Then more lively and musky aromas take over, aromas such as cinnamon and almond, followed by a hint of vanilla.

There is a wonderful finish on the palate, with delicious notes of cedar and tobacco, of a great intensity. This final, long and intense, justifies the importance of the moments that you will share around this Cognac.



Service advice :

This Louis-aged Cognac Cognac is better served dry, and preferably at room temperature in a tulip glass.

If you are a cigar lover, then you can also accompany your tasting a good Havana !


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