Gensac Caviar

Cognac & Spirits is proud to show you  the first "Made in Charente" Caviar ! Yann Lafond offers us this high range caviar : elaborated with respectful breeding and spring water of exceptional purity.

This young caviar will enchant you with its buttery, brioche notes. Once matured, it will offer more power, complexity and infinite length.

Be careful, this caviar is a delicate product and must be kept between 0 and 4 ° C.


Do you love caviar with buttery and unctuous notes ? When young, the Gensac Caviar offers superb creamy and buttured notes - and even brioche. The round flavors persist in a good length.
As it matures, which can take 6 to 9 months, this caviar gains in complexity. The attack is iodized, fishy. The aromas power are increased and offer a great length throughout the tasting.
Service tips:
Caviar is a rare dish, subtle and fine. It can be tasted alone to fully capture all the flavors. However, it can also give an original color to various dishes and entremets!
Jean-Baptiste, the Gensac Caviar expert, tells us his recommendations: "Our young caviar works beautifully alongside boiled eggs and bread. But once it is matured, its iodine notes make it particularly suitable to be served with oysters! "
A beautiful story, an exceptional site, a careful breeding
The aquaculture expert Yann Lafond found this wonderful "Made in Charente" Caviar House. In 2007, he took over the fish farm of Gensac la Pallue, and made the bet to install his sturgeons.
The water source is found right by the estate. This resurgence offers to the fish farmer pure water, filtered 300 meters below the ground, and with a constant temperature throughout the year - for the happiness of the fish!
Sturgeons are fed with high quality foods, and raised without antibiotics or treatment products. Yann also favors a low stocking density, giving the fish time to grow peacefully. The sturgeon females grow for more than 8 years before giving their precious caviar.
Thanks to this controlled breeding, pure water and passion to make excellent products that we obtain this magnificent Caviar Made in Charente.

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