Cognac Frapin 1270

Frapin 1270


It is with passion that the Frapin family produces its cognac. Came to settle in 1270 in Charente. Over twenty generations of winegrowers, then distillers, have passed down over the centuries a vineyard and a unique know-how in order to create the Frapin style, bringing to its highest expression the quintessence of Cognac.

Frapin 1270 cognac honors the history of the House, it comes from grapes harvested in the heart of Grande Champagne in the family vineyard.

The warm golden reflections of the Frapin 1270 give a beautiful straw yellow color.

On the nose, Frapin 1270 offers pleasant aromas of vine flower and lime blossom with a hint of vanilla.

On the palate, it reveals slightly vanilla or toast aromas. It will bring a note of freshness and originality.

Frapin 1270 has a great aromatic richness, it can be used as a digestive or as an aperitif in particular for mixology. It offers moments of conviviality to those who like to improvise aperitifs. Married with tonic, a sparkling water splash or simply by adding ice cubes, it will be the ideal partner for original aperitifs and the most sophisticated cocktails.