Francis Abecassis

The "Single Estate Cognac"

The philosophy of this house led by Francis Abecassis and his daughter Elodie : "Respecting the terroir". Indeed, they take immensely care of each field, according to their specificities. The method is to gather of eaux-de-vie from the same domain, in order to control their quality and subtlety - hence the motto : the "Single Estate Cognac".

With more than 200 hectares of vines spread over more than 20 estates, the Abecassis family is today one of the largest independent production houses in Cognac. Estates where culture is reasoned. Distilleries are specific to each area, and non-automated. Great confidence is placed in the Master Distiller and the Cellar Master to obtain the exceptional Cognacs that made the reputation of this great house.


«I am convinced that combining eaux-de-vie from an exceptional domain gives cognac an inimitable typicity and strength» Francis Abecassis

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