Distillerie des Moisans

Excellence and Memory

La Distillerie des Moisans

The Origins

In 1685 Louis Deau, under the reign of Louis XIV - King of France, moved to Charente, near Sireuil, and discovered the mythical alchemy of stills. From generation to generation, his descendants will cultivate the vineyard with love and passion.

The Founder

Centuries later, in 1960, Roland Bru bought the Moisans estate, in the heart of the Cognac region. Brilliant businessman, navigator and builder, he develops the site to give it its current face. Indeed, the Moisans Distillery forms a small hamlet near Sireuil, which is crossed from side to side through a narrow and winding alley.


The Domain

It covers 30 hectares of vines in Fins Bois, which surround the distillery and the cellars. The Ugni-Blanc represents 95% of the vineyard, because "it remains the most appropriate grape variety for the production of great cognacs."

In a magnificent and vast cathedral-like building, with a mahogany roof, 12 Charentes alambics of 25 hectoliters distill continuously between October and March. Double distillation allows the distillers to keep the aromatic heart of ther spirits only.

The Symbol

Le griffThe griffin, always present alongside the Deau brand is the symbolic guardian of the treasures of nature. "Half eagle, half lion, his role was to watch the tree of life and the gates of the city. Today, he is the noble protector of the vines of the family and the golden elixir preserved in our cellars ..." inform us Véronique Bru-Legaret and Roland Legaret, respectively daughter and grandson of Roland Bru.

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