"History and Modernity, Wealth and Harmony, Secret and Tradition"

Maison Frapin - Le Château Fontpinot

Chais Maison Frapin

The story :

Since 1270, the Frapin family has managed its vines masterfully. First winemakers, then distillers, with more than 20 generations.

Their domain: the castle of Fontpinot in Segonzac. The Grande Champagne, in Premier Cru de Cognac, will become their favourite terroir.

Hedonism :

Fun fact, the family tree of the Frapin family includes the famous humanist and hedonist writer of the 16th century, François Rabelais. The Frapin house has decided to pay tribute to this illustrious ancestor by developing the mythical Cuvée Rabelais.

The vineyard :

Nowadays, the Frapin estate extends over 316 hectares, exclusively in Grande Champagne, classified Premier Cru de Cognac. This, combined with traditional and reasoned farming, offers first class grapes.

The aging :

Cognac is aged in Limousin oak barrels, which gives Cognac its warm colors and special tannins.

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